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Derived from the word “commercial”, .com represents the largest TLD pool and is one of the 7 initial top-level domains released for use on January 1985. With time on its side and the simplicity of its typing, .com has turned into the most used domain extension with over 280 million domains registered across 1000+ registrars.



As an alternative to .com and also part of the initial 7 domains being introduced to the world .net has build a solid reputation and is ranked amongst the most used top-level domains. You can use .net for your business, organization or private website especially if the .com variant is already taken.



Spread awareness about your cause using a .org top-level domain. The perfect TLD for non-profit organizations like charity fundraisers or humanitarian related establishments.


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TLD Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 € 2.99 € 2.99 € 2.99
.net 1 € 11 € 11 € 11
.org 1 € 9 € 9 € 9
.biz 1 € 18 € 18 € 18
.usa 1 € 15 € 15 € 15